Unifying business to optimise performance


The A.I. platform to optimise business performance


Our legacy - Ten years in the making


ELARA is the result of a decade of 600+ business improvement projects, working closely with organisations across the globe through management consulting business Quartile One.

Supported by over 85,000 years of performance and operational data, we discovered that the fundamental barrier for business performance is quality of decisions.

ELARA is a cognitive performance platform built with a vision of providing unparalleled speed, automation and accountability for business decisions.





Executing strategy is difficult


There is a chasm between strategic and operational decisions.

We believe the chasm exists because there are some common but difficult to answer questions:

  • Where and how is performance affected, and where to direct improvement?
  • How are risk and reward balanced internally and in external relationships?
  • How can all the available data contribute to performance improvement?

Not being able to answer these questions in execution decisions results in sub-optimal performance - everyday.

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Unify business to optimise performance


The solution is to unify a business by connecting decisions with a dynamic understanding of performance.

A unified business will receive the following benefits:

  • Understanding business drivers and their leverage – down to the decision level.
  • An ability to make evidence based decisions, in real-time as they occur.

The outcome – line of sight between strategy and execution, and a business that continually improves with every connected decision.




The A.I. platform to unify business

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With ELARA decisions ranging from strategy to execution can be connected to a dynamic understanding of future business performance.

The outcomes for a business:

  • Top-down data-driven understanding – process, performance, policies, constraints
  • Ability to understand impact to performance for changes– automated scenario discovery and evaluation
  • Automated optimisation of choices for schedule, contract, and policy decisions across the business
  • Real-time forecasts of the business performance - down to decision level

How we work:


Incremental delivery process


We are working with early adopters to incrementally deliver improvement to their businesses, decision by decision.

We perform business evaluations in order to guide strategic decisions and identify literal value of improving operational decisions and data - as business cases.

We ensure that the operational decisions we automate are the ones that will deliver the most value – and incrementally deliver resulting in continual improvement to performance.

Contact us if you are interested in talking to us about becoming an early adopter: